Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why I'm Loving Succulents

1. They are drought resistant.
2. They are extremely low maintenance.
3. They are easy on the eye.
4. They are so simple to grow.

Look at this gorgeous idea for a centerpiece.

We have a million containers to choose from to create this idea. I was thinking this idea would be gorgeous in teacups with whimsical prints, elegant in crystal bowls, and of course perfect in time worn silver pieces of all different forms. You can pick up the container and the succulents here! The nursery has an amazing selection of succulents and a staff with more knowledge than you can believe.

If you fancy a succulent wreath Myrtle Creek Nursery (with whom we share a location) is offering a succulent wreath workshop. Click here for details -

Myrtle Creek Nursery Workshops

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